Who is Darren Keane?

Darren Keane is an ex-football player and is renowned and respected in this field. After he got retired from football, with his intellect in the business sector, he aimed at opening casinos in various parts of the world. Darren Keane apart from being a renowned footballer, he is a very famous businessman too. Initially, when he came up with the idea, there were not many supporters and a lot of hardships were faced thereby. But later, as the idea become more solid and the vision became clearer, Darren Keane started of opening a business. Since then, there is a huge turnover of his company and he got himself listed in the most successful businessman in history.

What is Darren Keane Storm International?

Darren Keane Storm International is the company set up by Darren Keane in the country of the United States. The firm is now established and widespread across the different parts of the world. You can see the expansion in major countries like Mexico, Germany, Byelorussia, Romania, Armenia, and Georgia. Furthermore, the company announced an expansion in two other cities of Germany if the conditions are set right. The CEO, Darren Keane has also said that the company will be making expansion to Ukraine later this year. The expansion can only be made if the government of Ukraine allows to set up a casino and offer them better legislation, tax rates, and rules.

Darren Keane Storm International is one of the biggest entertainment firms in the world. There are world class casinos all over the globe and the company has never stopped the expansion. There are entertainment centers which are established by the company and they also take up big events of entertainment and fun and execute them in a perfect manner. The company has also built a hotel and in the hotel, there is a casino where there are ultramodern games and world-class amenities.